Computer and Smart Device Repairs


We perform a full diagnostic on your device in order to recommend a complete solution to your specific devices problems. 

Slow Machine? This is usually caused by viruses, spyware and adware,, after assesing your computer we will be able to attain whether or not the perpatrators can simply be removed or as if a full service is required.  Older Office-Use-Only computers can generally be brought back to life by adding more Memory and cleaning up the system. 

Not working at all? In this case the machine may be so corrupt that the Operating System needs to be re-installed or it may have suffered a hardware failure.  After assesement of both the hardware and software we will provide you with comparitive quotes on repairing or replacing the system.

Laptop Falling Apart? We can repair or replace most parts of your laptop irrespective of age, this includes screens, batteries, keyboards, fans and charging ports. 

DATA (documents, photo's, emails etc: We work to protect our customers data at all costs, once a quotation has been accepted we make complete back-ups of your data to ensure that there is no data loss caused by any repairs. If your data has already been corrupted/lost prior to the machine being brought in we will advice you of this. We completely destroy all traces of your data on our system as soon as the repair is complete thus ensuring peace of mind in terms of privacy. Conventional hard drives do unfortunately break, please make regular back-ups of all your data to a secure device/cloud system.  
If you have a new PC we can transfer data and setup e-mails, printers and other services for you.

Security: All machines are loaded with a basic anti-virus system to ward of simplistic viruses before leaving the store, we will inform you if there has been a serious breach on your system and recommend a more aggressive solution if needs be.

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